Sweet Potato Sweets Cafe "Imoya Imoko

Sweet Potato Sweets Cafe "imo-ya-imoko

" Opens

Sweet Potato Sweets Cafe "imo-ya-imoko" will open on the 2nd floor of the commercial facility "WITH HARAJUKU" on May 23. It is located at 1-14-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, on the 2nd floor of WITH HARAJUKU.



"Imoya imoko" is based on the concept of "a precious sweet potato cafe for sweet potato lovers, where you can enjoy matured baked sweet potatoes and sweet potato sweets all year round. It is a "sweet potato sweets café" where sweet potato lovers can enjoy our special aged yaki-imo and sweet potato sweets. The cafe offers a variety of sweet potato sweets such as "Aged Yaki-imo", "Satsuma-imo Mont Blanc Soft", "Satsuma-imo Tiramisu", and "Yaki-imo Brulee".

Sweet Potato Sweets Cafe "Imoya Imoko



Imoya Imoko "Aged baked sweet potato

The "Aged Yaki-imo" is a baked sweet potato with a strong sweetness and flavor that can be enjoyed by slowly baking the aged sweet potato. The best type of sweet potato is prepared according to the season, and different varieties can be tasted depending on the season. In winter, you can enjoy the classic "hot and fresh" yaki-imo, and in summer, the "cool and chilled" yaki-imo. For souvenirs, candy wrapping (50 yen) is available. The price is 550 yen per piece and 300 yen for a half.


Imo Mont Blanc Soft
Imoya Imoko "Satsuma Imo Mont Blanc Soft" (sweet potato Mont Blanc soft)

The "Satsumaimo Mont Blanc Soft" is a soft-serve ice cream made of sweet potato soft-serve ice cream and delicate purple sweet potato paste. The sweet potato soft serve ice cream is topped with a thick layer of the sweet potato paste, which is then squeezed in front of the customer. Customers can decorate their own "eyes" with the optional "eyes" to create their own "one and only Mont Blanc Monster". The price is 990 yen.

Satsuma-imo Ti

Imoya Imoko "Satsuma-imo Tiramisu" (sweet potato tiramisu)

The "Satsuma-imo Tiramisu" is a tiramisu with a cute sweet potato logo in a "Masu" box. The purple sweet potato powder gives the tiramisu a gorgeous appearance. You can enjoy the combination of the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the sweet potato tiramisu and the crispy texture of the brûléed sweet potato dice. The price is 890 yen.

Baked Sweet

Potato Brulee Ice Cream
Imoya Imoko "Baked Sweet Potato Brûlée Ice Cream

The "Yaki-imo Brulee Ice Cream" is a "Yaki-imo Brulee" that allows you to enjoy the crunchy texture of the baked sweet potato and its crunchy surface, topped with cold vanilla ice cream. The surface of the sweet, aged baked sweet potato is covered with a generous amount of French casonade (cane sugar made from 100% sugarcane), and the surface is then brûléed. The price is 890 yen.



Imoya Imoko "Baked Sweet Potato Brûlée

The Yaki-imo Brulee is an aged baked sweet potato topped with cassonade and finished with a brûléed surface. The unique aroma of honey and vanilla and the deep sweetness of the casonade can be simply enjoyed with the aged baked sweet potato. The price is 690 yen.

Yaki-imo Brulee


Imoya Imoko "Baked Sweet Potato Brûlée Butter

The "Yaki-imo Brulee Butter" is a baked sweet potato brulee topped with butter. The melted butter gives the baked sweet potato an even richer sweetness. The price is 790 yen.


Imoya Imoko "Satsuma-imo Parfait" (sweet potato parfait)

The "Satsuma-imo Parfait" is a parfait in which you can enjoy all-star sweet potato sweets such as satsuma-imo soft serve ice cream, taro, satsuma-imo brûlée, and purple sweet potato espuma all at once. The parfait is served with a dropper of molasses to pour over the sweetness to your liking. The price is 890 yen.

Satsuma-imo Milk

Imoya Imoko "Satsuma-imo Milk" (sweet potato milk)

The "Satsuma-imo Milk" is a sweet potato drink made with aged sweet potatoes and milk, which allows you to directly taste the sweetness and flavor of the sweet potato. The price is 490 yen.

Satsuma-imo Espuma


Imoya Imoko "Sweet Potato Espuma Smoothie"

The "Satsuma-imo Espuma Smoothie" is a sweet potato smoothie recommended for those who want to taste a rich sweet potato drink. It is a hearty "drinkable sweet potato" with smooth purple sweet potato espuma topped with a thick layer of sweet potato espuma. The price is 690 yen.


Cream Soda

Imoya Imoko "Satsuma-imo Cream Soda

The "Satsuma-imo Cream Soda" is a melon soda topped with satsuma-imo soft serve ice cream. It is a cream soda unique to Imoya Imoko.

Imoya Imoko

WITH HARAJUKU Store Information

Location: WITH HARAJUKU 2F, 1-14-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00 - 21:00 (last order 20:30)

* All prices include tax.
Menus, prices, and hours of operation are subject to change.