Kabaya "Strawberry Cake Gummies"

Kabaya Foods will introduce a new flavor of gummy candy, "Strawberry Cake Gummies," which will be available nationwide from September 13. The gummies are said to be miniature shortcake-shaped gummies with a cute appearance. The product has a content of 40g (1.41oz) and is open price.

Kabaya Foods Strawberry Cake Gummies

Kabaya "Strawberry Cake Gummies"

Kabaya has been offering a variety of gummy beverages that are both tasty and shaped like western sweets, such as "Fruit Can Gummies" that resemble mandarin oranges in a fruit can and "Nashi Taro," which looks and tastes like a miniature pear.

As the name suggests, the "Strawberry Cake Gummies" are shaped like a small piece of strawberry shortcake, with two layers of fluffy white gummies and red strawberry-flavored gummies.

When eight of the gummies are arranged in a circular shape, they resemble a whole cake. In addition to this, a portion of the package can be cut out to form a message plate. After writing your favorite words on it, you can place it on top of the gummy bears arranged like a whole cake.