Kabaya Foods "Pureal gummy pina!

Kabaya Foods' "Pureal Gummies" series will release a limited-time flavor "Pureal Gummies pina! It has a content of 58g (2.05oz) and is open to the public.


Pineapple" are characterized by their soft texture and refreshing pineapple flavor, which can be smelled from the moment the bag is opened. The tropical flavor of pineapple is expressed through a combination of two types of gummies: aerated gummies with a fluffy texture and jelly-like gummies with a firm texture. It is made with Costa Rican pineapple juice. The product name "pina" means "pineapple" in Spanish (Costa Rica's official language).

The package design is a soft gummy with a light texture and a delicious fruit flavor. The background is sky blue and yellow to express the everlasting summer in a tropical country, and the bright bird icon draws the eye. A vivid bird icon is used to draw the eye.