Kabaya Foods "Tough Gummy Dual Puncher Grape & Grape"

Kabaya Foods will release a new flavor of Tough Gummies Dual Puncher Grape & Grape under the Tough Gummies brand. The release date is September 27. It will be available for sale on September 27th, with a content of 100g (3.53oz) and a price of 194 yen (tax included).

Tough Gummi Dual Puncher Grape & Grape

Tough Gummy Dual Puncher Grape & Grape is a new flavor of the Tough Gummy brand, characterized by its addictive high elasticity texture and sour powder. Tough Gummies is a brand favored by men in their teens to thirties. For a limited time only, an assortment of two different grape soda flavors with an addictive punchy taste will be available.

The assortment includes two types of grape soda flavors: "Grape Alpha," with just the right amount of sweetness, and "Grape Beta," with a refreshingly sour taste. Not only are they hard with high elasticity, but they also have a "stickiness" that makes them hard to chew through, allowing consumers to enjoy their addictive texture.

To convey the hardness of the product, the packaging is based on the brand's basic design, with a black base color and the gold product name pushed out all over the package. In addition, the explosive graphic design expresses the punchy taste of the product.