Winter limited "Pure Ral Gumi Amaou Strawberry"

"Pureral Gumi Amaou Strawberry" will be released on November 17th from the "Pureral Gumi" series of Kabaya Foods. The content is 58g (2.05oz) and the price is open.

"Pure Ral Gumi Amaou Strawberry" is a winter-only flavor that uses the juice of the domestic "Amaou" variety, which has a high-class feel and is also popular as a gift. A gummy that has a real "Amaou" -like flavor that lasts from the time it is opened to the aftertaste.

Two layers of gummy candies (pink) with a fluffy texture like marshmallows and gummy candies with a jelly-like texture (red) due to aeration (soaking the gummy dough with air). It is made into a two-layer gummy that is fluffy and has a soft texture inside.

The package adopts a simple and dignified design. In addition, the glittering attention conveys the luxury of "Amaou".

"Pure Ral Gumi Amaou Strawberry" is a good companion for a short break. The lovely pink package is a landmark.