Famima's Chinese steamed buns "Gokyuu Kurobuta Manju

As part of FamilyMart's "More Delicious," one of the five keywords it has been working on since last year, "Gokumami Kurobuta Man" will go on sale on September 6 from the "Famima no Chuka-Man" series. To celebrate the release, a 48 yen discount sale will be held from September 6.

Koku-Yami Kurobuta Manju

With the increase in telecommuting at Corona Disaster, demand for one-hand snacks is on the rise, and sales of Chinese buns are growing year after year. Demand for petit luxury is also rising against the backdrop of increased demand for nest eggs.

In response to the growing demand for Chinese buns and petit luxury, "Goku-Yami Kurobuta-Man" pursues the value of a "superb product" that is a quick and easy-to-prepare treat. The weight, texture, ingredients, and dough are all carefully selected.

Famima's Chinese steamed buns "Gokyuu Kurobuta Manju

The pork filling is made from 100% Kagoshima Kurobuta pork, and the onions are onions grown on Awaji Island. Alpensalz rock salt, which was selected from about 40 different salt combinations for Kurobuta buns, is used for the filling to bring out the best flavor of the meat.

Stone-ground flour is used as part of the flour. The dough has a moist and chewy texture, and the sweetness and flavor of the wheat can be felt. The balance between the filling and the weight of the dough has also been carefully considered. The price is 198 yen (including tax).

The "Koku-Yami Kurobuta-Man" will be on sale for a limited time at a reduced price of 48 yen (including tax). The sale will last for seven days from September 6 to September 12.