Premium Chococlo Uji Green Tea" collaboration between St. Mark's Cafe and Gion Tsujiri.

St. Mark's Cafe will sell "Premium Chococlo Uji Matcha", a collaboration between St. Mark's Cafe and Gion Tsujiri, for a limited time. The release date is July 22. The price is 290 yen for a single piece and 1,200 yen for a box of 5 pieces. The product will be on sale until September 15.

Premium Chococlo Uji Matcha

From the "Premium Chococlo" series, which offers a variety of flavors, comes the new "Premium Chococlo Uji Matcha," a collaboration with Gion Tsujiri, a long-established shop in Kyoto, which is full of matcha green tea flavor. The new product is a perfect harmony of St. Mark's Cafe's signature product, Chococlo, and the rich, fragrant, and flavorful Uji green tea from Gion Tsujiri. The chocolate inside is also kneaded with Uji matcha, giving it an elegant sweetness and rich flavor that spreads in the mouth.

On the outside, just before baking, Uji matcha cream is squeezed over the top and sprinkled with Uji matcha chips to give the appearance of matcha. It is a supreme premium chocolate croissant that can only be enjoyed this summer.

It is said that you can enjoy the matcha taste even more if you eat it with "Uji Matcha Latte," a regular product of St. Mark's Cafe. Take this opportunity to try it.