St-Marc Cafe "Premium Chocokuro Brown Sugar Warabimochi"

Black Friday limited product "Premium Chocokuro Brown Sugar Warabimochi" is on sale from St-Marc Cafe. Some stores will go on sale on November 19th. The sale period is until November 28th. Prices start at 280 yen (tax included).

Premium chocolate black brown sugar warabimochi

"Premium chocolate black sugar warabimochi" is a croissant dough that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, and is wrapped in "black" sugar warabimochi over "black" on "Black Friday". In addition to the rich sweetness of bean paste and brown sugar, this premium chocolate black is limited to this time and has a new texture of warabimochi punipuni. You can buy it separately, but the 5-piece box is a great deal at 1,200 yen.