Sakuma Confectionery "Strawberry Miruku Soft

Two restaurants and cafes in Kasai Rinkai Park are selling "Ichigo Miruku Soft" in collaboration with "Ichigo Miruku" from Sakuma Seika. The price is 500 yen (tax included).

Strawberry Miruku Soft

The "Strawberry Milk Soft" is a soft-serve ice cream using "Strawberry Milk," a candy from Sakuma Seika that has remained popular since its creation in 1970, and is made from the paste of Fukuoka Prefecture-grown Amao (sweet orange) without using any artificial sweeteners. The strawberry-vanilla mixed soft serve ice cream is topped with condensed milk and strawberry-miruku candy glitter (Sakuma Seika patent pending) to express the image of strawberry miruku. We decided to sell the product at PARKLIFE CAFE & RESTAURANT and CRYSTAL CAFE in Kasai Rinkai Park, where many people of all ages visit, so that people can taste "Strawberry Miruku," which has been loved by people of all generations for many years.

About "Strawberry Milk

Ichigo Miruku" is a long-selling product born in 1970, which is a crunchy mille-feuille wrapped in milky pink strawberry candy. It is made from the juice of Fukuoka Prefecture's Amao, the "king of strawberries," and is characterized by the harmony between the tartness of the strawberries and the mille-feuille.