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"Strawberry Bag" is now available from KALDI Coffee Farm. The "Original Bonbon Chocolat Strawberry," "Original Instant Strawberry Latte," "Original Strawberry Macaroon," "Original Strawberry Bourdonnage," "Jean Nuts Merci," and "Original Hokkaido Strawberry Sour" using strawberries will also be available.


Bag "Strawberry Bag" includes "Strawberry Sangria Fizz," a sweet and sour strawberry-scented rosé wine-based drink, "Strawberry Boussé," a soft and fluffy boussé dough with a gently sweet strawberry cream filling, and a "travel pouch" that can be hung from the bag. The travel pouch can neatly store small items and is useful for travel and business trips. One per person can be purchased at the actual stores and the official online store.

Original tote bag (approx. size: 32 cm (L) x 43 cm (W) x 15 cm (H) x 15 cm (W) with 54 cm handle)
・ Strawberry sangria fizz (750 ml)
・ Original strawberry bouquet (5 pieces)
・ Original strawberry pattern travel pouch (approx. size: 13.5 cm (L) & times;width 20cm)

The price is 1,950 yen (tax included, same as below). The product will go on sale on March 10, 2023.

KALDI "Strawberry Bag
strawberry bag

Original Bonbon Chocolat


"Original Bonbon Chocolat Strawberry" is a 4 kinds of bonbon chocolat with strawberry whiskey, dark strawberry, strawberry milk, strawberry Earl Grey, and strawberry to taste.

It comes in a pack of 4 pieces and is priced at 537 yen.

KALDI "Original Bonbon Chocolat Strawberry
Original Bonbon Chocolat Strawberry

Original Instant Strawberry


"Original Instant Strawberry Latte" is a product with the refreshing flavor of Fukuoka-grown Amao and the mild sweetness of milk. The 150g (5.29oz) packet is priced at 398 yen.

KALDI's "Original Instant Strawberry Latte
Original Instant Strawberry Latte



Macarons "Original Strawberry Macarons" are available in two flavors: a sweet and sour strawberry-flavored shell filled with strawberry cream and sauce, and an aromatic Earl Grey tea leaf shell filled with strawberry cream. Two pieces per package.

The price is 291 yen. The product will be available in early March 2023.

KALDI "Original Strawberry Macaroon
Original Strawberry Macaroon


Strawberry B

ourdonnage "Original Strawberry Bourdonnage" is a baked pastry of French origin with sweet and sour freeze-dried strawberries kneaded into it. It is crispy and light in the mouth, and has a light and flaky texture. It has a capacity of 49g (1.73oz) and is priced at 410 yen.

KALDI "Original Strawberry Bourdonnage
Original Strawberry Bourdonnage

Jean Nuts


"Jean Nuts Merci" is a can designed with the popular flavor "Merci" from the French tea brand "Jean Nuts. It has a sweet aroma with strawberry and vanilla, and can be enjoyed hot or iced. When made into milk tea, it has a mild taste like sweets. It has a 100g (3.53oz) capacity and is priced at 1,628 yen.

KALDI "Jean Nut Merci"
Jan Nutz Merci

Original Hokkaido


Sour "Original Hokkaido Strawberry Sour" is made with sweet, sour and aromatic Hokkaido strawberries "Suzuakane" and has a refreshing taste. It is 350 ml in volume and priced at 225 yen.

KALDI's "Original Hokkaido Strawberry Sour
Original Hokkaido Strawberry Sour

The limited quantities of each product will be sold out as soon as they are gone. Availability will vary by store. Price, contents, design, and release date may be subject to change.