Kappa Sushi Gochi CAFE "Strawberry Sweets

Kappa Sushi Go

chi CAFE

"Strawberry Sweets"

Kappa Sushi's sweets brand "Gochi CAFE" will start selling "Strawberry Sweets" on Wednesday, March 8. The "Chocolate Drink" and "Whipped & Chocolate Drink" will be available at the same time.


CAFE Gochi CAFE is a Kappa Sushi original sweets brand based on the theme of authentic and seasonal "Gochisou Sweets" that are as good as sushi. The brand offers trendy and seasonal sweets that are satisfying not only as a way to end a meal, but also as a café. This year's lineup includes four types of lovely and gorgeous "strawberry sweets.

Kappa Sushi Gochi CAFE "Strawberry Sweets


condensed milk ap

ricot bean curd The soft sweetness and texture of apricot bean curd is topped with pulpy strawberry sauce and condensed milk. You can enjoy the aroma of the softly spreading apricot bean curd, the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, and the milky texture of strawberries. The price is 297 yen (tax included).

Kappa Sushi "Strawberry condensed milk apricot jelly

Mazemaze Shake Strawberry Vanilla

A cool and refreshing treat for the coming season. You can enjoy vanilla ice cream, pulpy strawberry sauce, strawberry milk, and frozen strawberries "mixed" together to your liking. The price is 363 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Mixed Shake Strawberry Vanilla

Enjoy Strawberry!


Pudding Parfait

- Enjoy


! Premium



- Kappacha-Gake -

A parfait featuring popular premium pudding, crunchy fruit granola, pulpy strawberry sauce, whipped cream, strawberry ice cream, and more. The various ingredients, sweet and sour flavors create an exquisite harmony. The "Kappa Chagake" is topped with powdered brown rice tea, a Japanese ingredient. Priced at 429 yen each.

Kappa Sushi "Enjoy Strawberry! Premium Pudding Parfait" and "Strawberry Enjoy! Premium Pudding Parfait - Kappa Tea Gake".

The Dotonbori Ebisubashi store will begin sales on March 2 (Thursday).
Yokohama Nishiguchi Ekinyaya and Dotonbori Ebisubashi stores have different prices.

Chocolate Drink

Whipped & Chocolate Drink

Made with Ecuadorian cacao with a deep aroma. This rich chocolate drink offers a mildly sweet and elegant taste. The Chocolate Drink is priced at 165 yen and the Whipped & Chocolate Drink at 242 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Chocolate Drink" and "Whipped & Chocolate Drink

The product may run out of stock or be discontinued even during the sales period, depending on weather conditions, availability, sales volume, and other factors.
Some stores may not carry the product.