Ginza Cosy Corner "Setouchi Lemon Pie

Here is a collection of refreshing lemon sweets. Ginza Kozy Corner "Setouchi Lemon Pie" and others, Montale "Refreshing Lemon Cream Puff" and "Refreshing Lemon Eclair", Beard Papa "C.C. Lemon Puff", TOKYO Tulip Rose "Tulip Rose Lemon", Maple Diner by the Maple Mania " Maple Waffle Setouchi Lemon".

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Setouchi Lemon Fair

Ginza Cosy Corner will hold the "Setouchi Lemon Fair" from July 1. The lineup includes "Setouchi Lemon Pie," "Setouchi Lemon Shortcake," "Setouchi Lemon Sablé," "Lemon Blanc (Setouchi Lemon)," "Setouchi Lemon Cheese Souffle" and "Souffle Waffle (Setouchi Lemon & Cheese).

Ginza Cosy Corner "Setouchi Lemon Fair

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MONTAIR "Refreshing Lemon Cream Puff

MONTAIR "Refreshing Lemon Eclair

Refreshing Lemon Cream Puff" has two layers of cream puffs: lemon paste made from Setouchi lemons and lemon cream blended with Sicilian lemon juice and Setouchi lemon paste. The refreshing flavor will fill your mouth with the charm of lemon.

MONTAIR "Refreshing Lemon Cream Puff

The "Refreshing Lemon Eclair" has two layers of lemon cream blended with Setouchi lemon paste, Sicilian lemon juice and Setouchi lemon paste, and coated with milk-flavored chocolate. You can enjoy the taste of milk chocolate with the sweet and sour flavor of lemon.

Montale "Refreshing Lemon Eclair

Sold in supermarkets from July 1 to August 31. Estimated price including tax is 129 yen each (167 yen for Okinawa only).

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Beard Papa "C.C. Lemon Puff Pastry

C.C. Lemon Puff" is a joint product between Mugi-no-ho and Suntory Foods International. It is a faithful reproduction of the refreshing sweet and sour taste of "C.C. Lemon (500ml (16.91us fl oz) PET)" and the lemon flavor that spreads through the aftertaste. Price: 240 yen (tax included).

Beard Papa "C.C. Lemon Puffs

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TOKYO Tulip Rose "Tulip Rose Lemon

TOKYO Tulip Rose presents its latest summer-only creation, "Tulip Rose Lemon". A juicy chocolate cream rose scented with Mediterranean lemon blooms on a sun-colored tulip langue d'ocha.

TOKYO Tulip Rose "Tulip Rose Lemon".

The release date is July 1. Prices are 421 yen for two, 810 yen for four, and 1,188 yen for six (all tax included). Sold at TOKYO Tulip Rose (Seibu Ikebukuro store, JR Tokyo Station store, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 store, JR Nagoya Takashimaya store, and Hankyu Umeda store).

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Maple Diner by the Maplemania "Maple Waffle Setouchi Lemon

Maple Waffle Setouchi Lemon, available only at the Shinjuku Miroude store, is a two-layer combination of fluffy waffle batter and crispy maple cookie batter. Priced at 172 yen per piece, 860 yen for a set of 5, and 1,720 yen for a set of 10 (all tax included).

Maple Diner by The Maplemania "Maple Waffle Setouchi Lemon

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