MONTAIR "Refreshing Lemon Cream Puff" and "Refreshing Lemon Eclair

MONTAIR will sell "Refreshing Lemon Cream Puffs" and "Refreshing Lemon Eclairs," two summer sweets made with two types of lemons, at supermarkets from July 1 to August 31. The estimated price including tax is 129 yen each (167 yen for Okinawa only).

Refreshing Lemon Cream Puff

A two-layer cream puff consisting of lemon paste made from Setouchi lemons and lemon cream blended with Sicilian lemon juice and Setouchi lemon paste. The lemon cream puffs have a refreshing sweetness with homemade custard, whipped cream, and sour cream added.

MONTAIR "Refreshing lemon cream puffs".

By taking advantage of the characteristics of the two types of lemons and adjusting the balance between sourness and a refreshing aftertaste, the flavor has a good amount of acidity and freshness that goes well with the sweets. The refreshing flavor will fill your mouth with the full appeal of lemons. Sold nationwide except Hokkaido.

Refreshing Lemon Eclair

Eclair made with two layers of lemon cream blended with Setouchi lemon paste and Sicilian lemon juice and Setouchi lemon paste, coated with milk-flavored chocolate. The cream has been adjusted to balance the flavor of the milk-flavored chocolate on top, making it more lemon-y. The sweet and sour taste of the lemon and the milk chocolate flavor create a mellow and gentle harmony. Sold nationwide.

MONTAIR "Refreshing Lemon Eclair