Lemon tea supervised by Pierre Hermé" from DAIDOH DRINKO

Pierre Hermé Supervised Lemon Tea from DAIDOH DR

INKO DAIDOH DRINKO will sell a new product for spring/summer 2023, "Pierre Hermé Supervised Lemon Tea". The release date is March 27. It will be sold in a 500 ml bottle at an estimated price of 180 yen (excluding tax).

Lemon Tea superv

ised by Pierre Hermé In June 2021, DAIDOH LIMCO launched a PET-bottled tea beverage perfect for a change of pace, jointly developed with Pierre Hermé, a leading figure in the world of pastry (confectionery). The drink has been very well received, especially by women, with its taste and world view inspired by Pierre Hermé's flavors. The new "Pierre Hermé Lemon Tea" follows the flavor and world view that made it so popular.

It has a gorgeous, authentic aroma of lemon and black tea, and is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to create a taste for adults with a moderate sweetness. The simple and sophisticated design creates a sense of luxury.

Pierre Hermé

is a leading figure in the world of patisseries in the 21st century. He is constantly challenging himself to create creative confections and is eager to share his unique "haute patisserie" (luxury confectionery) know-how. He has received rave reviews from many sweets fans and is revered by other patissiers in the industry. His genius has been recognized worldwide, and Vogue magazine called him the "Picasso of the patisserie world.