Chobei Nihonbashiya "Asagao" "Kuzumizuimochi
(All images are sourced from the official website of Chobei Nihonbashiya)

Chobei Nihonbashiya announced on its official website that "Asagao" and "Kuzu Mizumochi" are now available from Chobei Nihonbashiya. They are introduced as fresh summer sweets. Both will be available for a limited time only.

Morning Glory

Chobei Nihonbashiya "Asagao" "Kuzumizuimochi

As the name suggests, "Morning Glory" is said to have been designed with morning glories that bloom brightly as buds on summer mornings. The fresh muscat-flavored jelly is decorated with a flower made of yokan, which is said to be a cool and refreshing item. The price is 280 yen per piece (tax included), or 2,150 yen for a set of seven.

Kuzu Suimochi

Chobei Nihonbashiya "Asagao" "Kuzumizuimochi

Kuzu Mizuimochi" is said to be a fresh and thirst-quenching kuzu rice cake topped with rich molasses. The price is 330 yen per piece, 1,100 yen for a set of 3 pieces, 2,200 yen for a set of 6 pieces, and 3,300 yen for a set of 9 pieces.

Both products are seasonal items and may run out of stock earlier than planned. In addition, the contents, standard, design, etc. are subject to change. The handling of these products may differ depending on the store.