Classified Foods "Grab it and experiment! Mystery Ball

An educational confectionery brand from Classified Foods that aims to "nurture children's self-confidence" will sell "Catchable Experiments! Fushigi Dama" will go on sale on July 4. The product will go on sale on July 4. It will be available at supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide.

Grabable Experiments! Fushigi-dama

The "Fushigi Dama" is a mysterious experimental snack that allows you to grab a handful of water. Fushigi Dama" is a renewed product of the popular educational snack "Tsukagueru! You can mix four "ball ingredients" and choose one of three combinations of two colors each (a total of six colors) to make a Fushigi Dama. Not only does the color change, but the taste as well, making it a snack that stimulates intellectual curiosity and makes you want to experiment over and over again.

The combinations are as follows. The Fushigitama has a soft and juicy texture that bursts when you eat it.

Pink (grape) and green (muscat soda)
Yellow (muscat) and purple (grape soda)
Light blue (apple soda) and orange (double grape)