From "Mangetsudo, a long-established Japanese confectionery in downtown Tokyo" lement.
(Image taken from the official website)

Reament will release "Mangetsu-do, a long-established Japanese confectionery store in downtown Tokyo. The release date is July 18. The price is 880 yen per box (tax included). Each box contains a figure and a mini-sheet.

Long-established Japanese confectionery store in downtown Mangetsudo

The theme of the "Long-established Japanese Confectionary Shop in Shitamachi, Mangetsudo" is a miniature figure of a "long-established Japanese confectionary store that has been loved by the locals. The miniatures are packaged in transparent packs that look like the real thing. The wagashi is decorated with a cute rabbit motif. The lineup consists of 8 types, as follows

Nerikiri cutlets that show off the craftsmanship of the artisans.
Seasonal strawberry Daifuku
Cool and refreshing sweets
Cool and refreshing sweets
Yakidango (baked dumplings) that boast great taste.
Kohaku manju (red and white manju) for special occasions
Which o-hagi do you want?
Which o-hagi do you want to eat?

You will want to complete the set and display it with the "Long-established Japanese confectionery store in downtown, Mangetsudo" reaments. It will be fun to take a picture with your own figures. If you like miniature figures and wagashi motifs, check it out!