Ken Elephant "Animal Pan Magnet
(Image taken from the official website)

Ken-Elephant will start selling the interior figure "Doubutsupan Magnet" from August at capsule toy stores, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, Ken-Ele Stand Akihabara, Shinbashi Station, Shinkoiwa, Gransta Tokyo, Ueno Land, Ken-Ele Lagoon, etc. nationwide. Sales will start sequentially. Prices are 400 yen for a capsule and 440 yen for a box (both including tax).

Doubutsupan Magnet

Doubutsupan Magnet" is a magnet squeeze of "Doubutsupan," a much-loved bakery item in town. Local bread enthusiast Minori Kai supervises the production.

All types are fluffy squeezers, and each comes with a plate. The lineup consists of four types, as follows.

Bunny Buns" by Liberty
Nishiogi-Harry-kun" by Entsukodo Bakery
Sekiguchi French Bread's "Choco Koala
Pan Sangue's "moat turtle" A or B

Ken Elephant "Animal Pan Magnet

The too cute "Dobutsu Pan" has become a fluffy magnetic squeeze! Why don't you try to complete the collection?