St. Mark's Cafe Miniature Collection" from Ken Elephant

Ken-Elephant will release the interior figure "St. Mark's Cafe Miniature Collection" from Ken-Elephant, which will be available at capsule toy stores, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, Ken-Ele Stand Akihabara Store, Shinbashi Station Store, Shinkoiwa Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Ueno Land, Ueno Land, etc. nationwide during July. KenEle Lagoon, and others. Prices are 400 yen for a capsule and 440 yen for a box (both including tax).

St. Mark's Cafe Miniature Collection

Popular menu items and iconic signboards of the popular "Saint Mark's Cafe" have been made into lifelike miniatures. A total of five types are available, and the lineup is as follows

Saint-Marc Cafe storefront signboard
Size (approx.): 4.7 cm (width) * including the switch

Coffee (blend)
Size (approx.): Coffee (blend) H2.1cm x W4cm * including the height of the plate

Iced coffee
Size (approx.): Iced coffee H4.1 x W2.4 cm (including the straw) / Chocolate black H1.3 x W4 cm (including the wrapping paper)

Ham & egg sandwich
Size (approx.): Ham & egg sandwich H3.5 x W1.4 x D2.9 cm

Choco Croc BOX (5 pieces)
Size (approx.): Choco Croc W2.6 cm / Paper box H1.8 x W6.4 cm