Nostalgic Tiger Miniature Collection" from KenElephant, Tiger magic masterpieces in miniature.
(Image taken from the official website)

Ken-Elephant will start selling the interior figure "Nostalgic Tiger Miniature Collection" from July at capsule toy stores, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, Ken-Ele Stand Akihabara Store, Shinbashi Station Store, Shinkoiwa Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Ueno Land, and KenEle Lagoon, and others. Prices are 500 yen for a capsule and 550 yen for a box (both including tax).

Nostalgic Tiger Miniature Collection

The masterpieces of "Tiger Makuho Bottle Co., Ltd." founded in 1923 are now available in miniature form. There are four types in total, and the lineup is as follows

Tiger Retro Signboard
Tiger rice cooking electronic jar cooker part number: JCA type + rice scoop and bowl
Tiger air push pot part number: PA type + 2 cups
Tiger cassette comestor part number: RBO type

The Ken-Elephant interior figure "Nostalgic Tiger Miniature Collection" will be fun to display together with your other small items and stuffed animals. Try to complete the collection.