Mitsukan "Kin no Tsubu Unaju Natto 3P

Mitsukan will sell "Kin no Tsubu Unaju Natto 3P" for a limited time. The product will be on sale from July 1 to around the end of August. The estimated price is 235 yen (excluding tax).

Kin no Tsubu Unaju Natto

Kin no Tsubu Unaju Natto" is a natto that tastes like unaju when served over rice. The surprise of tasting like unaju and the deliciousness that goes well with rice will make your dinner a little more exciting than usual. The key to the taste is the impact of the eel and the "sweet and spicy" and "savory" taste of the kabayaki, which makes the rice more appetizing.

The product was developed based on the motif of unaju, which makes you feel rich, in the hope that people will enjoy natto, which they usually eat without thinking about it, with all their might once in a while. The package design, as well as the contents, are designed in the style of unaju, so you can enjoy it in a flirtatious way, saying, "Tonight is unaju! You can enjoy the product with a cheerful "I'm going to eat unaju tonight! You can also enjoy it with a "Natto can't be unaju! Enjoy it as a side dish on the day of the Ox.