KALDI "Kaki no tane tofi" (persimmon seed tofi)

Here is a list of Japanese-style snacks that we enjoyed at KALDI Coffee Farm. They are "Kaki-no-tane Toffee," "Dorai Natto Okoshi," "Dorai Natto Light Salt Flavor," and "Dorai Natto Wasabi Flavor.

Kaki-no-tane Toffees

Kaki-no-tane Toffees" are made using the traditional method of making kaki-no-tane, soaked in soy sauce, and coated with rich caramel. The salty taste of the kaki-no-tane is matched by the sweetness of the caramel for a sweet and savory taste. The balance of more persimmon seeds is not too sweet, and the salty taste can be felt until the end.

KALDI "Kaki no tane tofi" (persimmon seed tofi)

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Dorai Natto Okoshi

KALDI's "Dorai Natto Okoshi" is a combination of wheat puffs and dried natto (fermented soybeans). When you put it in your mouth, you will feel the crunchy texture and a slightly sweet and savory aroma will spread. The natto flavor is not as strong as one might expect, with only a faint aftertaste. The richness of soybeans can be felt, but the peculiarity is not so strong.

KALDI "Dorai Natto Okoshi

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Dorai natto light salt flavor

Dorai Natto Wasabi Flavor

Natto, a traditional Japanese food, made easy to eat by low-temperature frying process. Made from 100% domestic soybeans. The crispy texture, flavor and richness of natto can be enjoyed together with the light saltiness and stimulating wasabi flavor. Perfect as a snack for tea or alcoholic beverages.

KALDI Dorai Natto Light Salt Flavor / Dorai Natto Wasabi Flavor

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