Yoshinoya "Gyuzara Mugitoro Gozen

Yoshinoya will start selling "Gyu-zara Mugitoro Gozen", "Gyu-zara Mugitoro Gozen Double Meat", "Gyu-Mugitoro Donburi", "Negi-Shio Pork Dish Mugitoro Gozen" and "Negi-Shio Chicken Dish Mugitoro Gozen" on June 17, starting at 11:00.

Beef plate Mugitoro Gozen

Since its launch in 2015, this menu has become an annual summer staple. It is served with a total of five items: beef plate with beef and onions stewed in Yoshinoya's special sauce, glutinous barley rice, grated yam, okra, and miso soup. The yam is made from yam and yamato. The chopped yam is blended with a higher proportion of yam to create a crunchy texture.

Yoshinoya "Gyuzara Mugitoro Gozen

More rice or refills of rice for the set menus and set meals are free. If you order more rice in the restaurant, both glutinous barley and rice will be added. If you want more rice, you can choose between glutinous barley and rice. The price is 712 yen (tax included).

Gozen Beef plate with barley and toro (twice the amount of meat)

Yoshinoya "Gyuzara Mugitoro Gozen Double Meat Serving

Double portion of beef plate with barley and tuna. Price: 1,017 yen.

Beef Mugitoro Bowl

Yoshinoya "Gyu Mugitoro-don" (Beef Mugitoro Bowl)

A new product featuring a bowl of mochi-mugi (sticky, chewy rice cake) topped with umami-rich beef, sticky yam and okra. Enjoy the popular barley toro at an affordable price. The price is 602 yen for a standard serving and 789 yen for a large serving.

Negi-Shio Pork Platter Mugitoro Gozen

Yoshinoya "Negi-Shio Pork Platter with Mugitoro Gozen

Negi-shio chicken plate with barley and grated yam

Yoshinoya "Negi-Shio Chicken Platter Mugitoro Gozen

Each dish consists of pork and chicken grilled to a savory perfection and served with Yoshinoya's special Negi-Sho (green onion and salt) sauce. The mochi-mugi (glutinous rice cake) and the sticky texture of the yam and okra go well with each other. The "Gyuzara Mugitoro Gozen" has a different and refreshing texture and flavor. The price is 767 yen each.

Not available at some stores.
Miso soup is not included in To go meals.
Tax rate is different for To go.