"To go limited family set" for Yoshinoya
Takeaway limited family set

"To go limited family set" will be on sale at Yoshinoya. You can only buy it for To go, which is cheaper than the regular price. Limited time offer from April 23rd to May 31st.

As of mid-April, the Yoshinoya has more than 60% of To go sales. There, a To go limited family set consisting of gyudon assortment, salad, new incense, and miso soup will be on sale. "3 servings" and "4 servings" are available according to the number of family members.

First of all, the breakdown for 3 servings is 3 meals of beef bowl, 2 meals of raw vegetable salad, 1 meal of new incense, and 3 meals of miso soup.

Next, the breakdown for 4 servings is 4 meals of beef bowl, 2 meals of raw vegetable salad, 2 meals of new incense, and 4 meals of miso soup.

The price for 3 people is 1,350 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), which is 123 yen discount compared to the regular price. The price for 4 people is 1,800 yen, which is 164 yen discount from the regular price. Please note that prices are different at some stores.

You can change the size of each beef bowl, but you cannot change the quantity of the side menu of the set or switch to another side menu.

In addition, the traditional "Beef Plate Family Pack" without side menu is still on sale, and this is 748 yen for 3 servings with 3 plates of beef plate and 948 yen for 4 servings with 4 plates.