7-ELEVEN "Mottochiri Warabimochi Nerimilk Strawberry
All images are sourced from 7-Eleven's official website.

Here are the newly arrived sweets that will be sequentially sold at 7-ELEVEN stores from June 7. The lineup includes the following 10 items. Availability may vary by region and store.

Hawaiian-style ring doughnut

Slightly sweet ring doughnuts. The soft and chewy dough is covered with sugar coated dough and topped with cookie crunch. Priced at 140 yen (151.20 yen including tax).

7-ELEVEN "Hawaiian-style ring doughnut

Mottochiri Warabimochi Nerimilk Strawberry

Due to the rising cost of ingredients, the price has been changed from 248 yen (tax not included) to 260 yen (tax not included). The new product will be on sale sequentially from June 8.

7-ELEVEN "Mottochiri Warabimochi Nerimilk Strawberry

Custard Cream Donut Malasada

Soft and chewy dough filled with rich custard cream. It is topped with chocolate coaching and finished with colored chocolate and donut sugar. Priced at 160 yen (172.80 yen including tax).

7-ELEVEN "Custard Cream Donut Malasada

7P An-donut, 4 pieces with sweet bean jam

A set of 4 mini-sized an doughnuts, a staple snack. Crispy fried dough is wrapped with tsubu-an (sweet bean paste) and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The price is 158 yen (170.64 yen including tax).

7P An An Doughnut - 4 pieces with soft red bean paste

The following is a list of newly arrived ice cream items that will be sold sequentially.

Lotte Sou: Vanilla 140 yen (151.20 yen including tax)
7 Premium: As if they were perfectly ripe white peaches 128 yen (138.24 yen including tax)
Morinaga Mizore Bar Grapefruit 140 yen (151.20 yen including tax)
Lotte Ume Gum Ice Cream Bar 100 yen (108 yen including tax)
Glico Papico Lemon 140 yen (151.20 yen including tax)
Morinaga Pinot Seasonal Assortment Multi 580 yen (626.40 yen including tax)