Kanro "The Snow Gummies I Dreamed of That Day

Canlo "Ano Hi Yumemita Yuki

Gummi" (Snow Gummies Dream

ed of That Day) Canlo released "Ano Hi Yumemita Yuki Gummi" on January 16 (Monday) exclusively at convenience stores nationwide, offering a "fluffy texture" that is just like eating snow. The estimated price is 168 yen (including tax).

Kanro "Ano Hi Yumemita" Series

The popular "Ano Hi Yumemita" series are gummies that make your childhood dreams come true, such as "I want to eat that cloud floating in the sky" or "I want to eat the fluffy snow on my cheek. The concept of eating clouds and the "fluffy texture" of the cloud-shaped gummies became a hot topic on social networking sites, and the product sold out in no time.

Then, in January of last year, "The Snow Gummies I Dreamed of That Day" was sold in limited quantities, inspired by the extraordinary feeling of eating fluffy snow. The product was so well received, with customers commenting that the texture was unlike anything they had ever tasted before and that it was "cute and fantastic," that the company decided to sell it again this year.

Kanro "The Snow Gummies I Dreamed of That Day



(Snow Gummies Dreamed of That Day) "Anohi Yukigumi (Snow Gummies Dreamed of That Day)" have an addictive soft and fluffy texture. The "Soft and fluffy snow soda flavor" has a gentle sweetness that evokes the fragility of pure white snow, and a nice sizzling sensation. In addition to the two snowflake shapes, there is also a secret Snow Country monster in the lineup that you will be lucky enough to meet.

Kanro "The Snow Gummies I Dreamed of That Day