Kabaya Foods "Sakusakusu-panda Sashimi Salted Milk

Kabaya Foods' "Sakusaku-Panda" series, a series of chocolate cookies in the shape of a Panda, will release "Sakusaku-Panda: Satisfying Salted Milk" on May 31, 2012. This is a limited time offer. The product has a content of 47g (1.66oz) and is open to the public.

Crunchypanda: Slightly salted milk

This is a limited-time product in the "Crunchypanda" series, a series of choco-biscuits in the shape of a panda, based on the concept of "Happiness found, healing Panda. The combination of refreshing milk chocolate (first layer), salted vanilla chocolate (second layer), and savory crunchy cookies provides a refreshing taste perfect for summer with less sweetness.

Since this is a Sakusaku-panda for summer, it has a cute appearance, as if the Panda had gotten a tan. There are 70 different faces of the chocolate Panda. Not only the particular flavor of the combination of crispy biscuits and two kinds of chocolate, but also the various cute faces of the Pandas can be enjoyed every time they are eaten.

Sakusaku Panda Series

Sakusaku Panda" is a chocolate cookie that was launched in 1996 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021. Under the concept of "Happiness Found, Healing Panda," the series includes the regular product "Crunchy Panda," limited-time-only flavors, and family packs.