7-ELEVEN "7-ELEVEN Cafe Nadare Torore Method Butter States Cookies".

7-ELEVEN "7-ELEVEN Cafe Nadare-Toroke Seizo Butter States Cookies"

Grape Stone Co. 7-ELEVEN Cafe Nadare Tororetsuke Seizo Butter States Cookies will go on sale at all 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide on Tuesday, November 7.

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7-ELEVEN Cafe Nadare Tororette Seizo Butter

States Cookie

is an original product that is an easy-to-eat individually wrapped version of the popular butter cookie from Butter States, a butter sweets specialty store produced by Gin no Budou. The main theme of "Butter States Cookies" is "overflowing butter experience. More than one-third of the cookie is made with fermented butter from Hokkaido, making it the ultimate butter-rich cookie with a butter content of 34%. The cookies are made by baking a dough with plenty of butter kneaded into it, and then using a unique "nadare to melt" method, in which the heat from the oven causes the butter to overflow and melt, resulting in a unique shape.

The melted butter soaks into the dough as it bakes, giving the cookies a browned, savory flavor as if they were browned in butter, and the traces of butter that flow into the cookies form grooves that give them a wonderful crispy texture. If you bake it in your toaster at home, the butter in the dough will melt and you can also enjoy the buttery aroma as if it were freshly baked. The rich taste and aroma of butter spreads in your mouth, making this a must-have for butter lovers.

The product went on sale on Tuesday, October 17 in some areas, mainly in Tokyo and other department stores, and sold 250,000 units within two weeks of its release! A total of 6 million units of this very popular sweet have been sold. The collaboration of "Gin no Grapu"'s established reputation as a gift and souvenir with the familiar 7-ELEVEN will surely propose a quality time in your daily life.

Product name: 7-ELEVEN Cafe Nadare Tororete Seizo Butter States Cookies
Quantity: 3 pieces
Price: 298 yen (321.84 yen including tax)

* Also scheduled to be available at 7-ELEVEN & i Group companies from mid-November 2023.

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