Tyrol Chocolate "World Import Assortment

On May 30, Chirole Chocolates will release "World Import Assortment," a pack of 8 pieces (2 each from the U.S., Belgium, Vietnam, and Japan), priced at 216 yen (tax included).

World Import Assortment

This is an assortment of four types that were released last year exclusively at Shop Chirole Chocolates. Each country offers a different texture.

A combination of creamy American chocolate (from Vermont) and California raisins.

Chocolate-flavored cake based on white bean paste and chocolate sauce wrapped in Belgian chocolate to create a Sachertorte-like flavor.

A combination of Vietnamese cacao mass, characterized by its strong acidity, and cashew nuts from Vietnam, which boasts the world's largest production volume.

White chocolate made with whole milk powder from Hokkaido and Uji green tea from Kyoto, Japan, is paired with straw jelly.

The World Import Assortment of Tyrol Chocolate is a fun way to compare and contrast. How about taking a break and enjoying them together?

Some stores do not carry this product. Sales will end as soon as the product is gone.