Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Blue]".

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Mochi Truffle Chocolate Banana Flavor

Bourbon will release " Mochi Truffle Chocolate Banana Flavor". Mochi Truffle Chocolate Banana Flavor" is a confectionary with a mildly sweet banana ganache wrapped in a soft and chewy mochi (rice cake).

Bourbon "Mochi Truffle Chocolate Banana Flavor

Look Ichigiru no Luxury Takumi (Peach Gelato)/(Melon Parfait)

Fujiya will release "Look Ichigiru no Luxury Takumi (Peach Gelato) " and "Look Ichigiru no Luxury Takumi (Melon Parfait)". These large chocolates focus on seasonal fruits.

Fujiya "Look a piece of luxury (peach gelato)

Tyrol Chocolate [Butter Cookie & Milk Tea Chocolate].

A new product from Chirorucoco, " Chirorucoco [Butter Cookie & Milk Tea Chocolate]" will go on sale. Handled at drugstore Create S.D.

Chirorucoco "Chirorucoco [Butter Cookie & Milk Tea Chocolate]".

World Import Assortment

World Import Ass ortment" will be released by Chirole Chocolates. This assortment consists of four types that were released last year as Shop Chiroruco limited editions.

Tyrol Chocolate "World Import Assortment

Big Tyrol [Blue].

Tyrol Chocolate will release " Big Tyrol [Blue] ". It comes in an assortment of three soda flavors: soda frappe, soda float, and lemon soda jelly.

Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Blue]".