Mita Mensho "Chilled Sea bream dashi salt tsukemen

It was announced on the official website that the "Tai-dashi Shio Tsukemen" (salted tai-dashi tsukemen), which is the standard light menu item at Mita Seimenmokudo, is now available in a chilled soup for the summer season only.

Chilled Tai-dashi Shio Tsukemen

This is a menu item that is offered every summer. As the name suggests, the cool, light soup with sea bream soup stock and smooth noodles make it a perfect dish for the coming season. In addition to the stand-alone menu, an "Exclusive Finishing Rice Set" is also available, in which the soup is poured over rice and served chazuke-style.

In addition to eat-in at Mita Seimenjo restaurants, customers can also choose delivery service via UberEats or order To go.

The price for a small portion is 760 yen (including tax), medium, large, and medium-sized portions are 790 yen, and a special portion is 890 yen. The "Special Finishing Rice Set" is 860 yen for a small portion, 890 yen for medium, medium, and large portions, and 990 yen for a special portion of noodles. In addition, "extra spiciness" can be ordered for an additional 110 yen.