Furano Market - Keema Curry with Gorotte Marugoto Onion

Here is a list of retort curry products that we have purchased and eaten at supermarkets and found to be delicious. The three products are: "Chosen Popular Store Lamb Keema Curry," "SPICE LOVERS Green Curry HOT," and "Furano Market Gorottomaru Marugoto Onion Keema Curry.

Selected Popular Restaurant [Lamb Keema Curry

Lamb Keema Curry supervised by "Kamalpur," an Indian restaurant in Kiba, Tokyo. It is characterized by the rich and creamy flavor of coconut milk. Mild and rich, with the sweetness of coconut milk, it has a mild taste like butter chicken curry.

Selected popular restaurant [Lamb Keema Curry

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Green curry with a rich aroma of herbs. The only ingredients are chicken and bamboo shoots so that you can fully enjoy the refreshing aroma of herbs and the delicious taste of coconut milk. The green chili peppers in this curry give it the spiciness that is typical of green curry.


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Furano Ichiba Keema Curry with Whole Onions

This retort product is a keema curry made with Japanese chicken and whole Japanese onions. The generous amount of minced chicken meat provides plenty of umami. The spice aroma is rich, but the spiciness is moderate, making it a delicious dish that can be eaten with a crunch.

Furano Market - Keema Curry with Gorotte Marugoto Onion

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