Suntory "Orangina Airy

Suntory Foods International will introduce "Orangina Airy," a carbonated beverage containing fruit juice with a new flavor and packaging, which will be available nationwide from May 24. The 1.2L PET bottle is priced at 340 yen (excluding tax), the 420ml (14.2us fl oz) PET bottle at 140 yen, and the 160ml (5.41us fl oz) can at 70 yen.

Orangina Airy

Orangina is a brand created in 1936 on the Mediterranean coast of France and launched in Japan in 2012. The renewal was carried out to mark the 10th anniversary since then.

While maintaining the complex and satisfying taste of orange, lemon, mandarin orange, and grapefruit, the 2021 version is 25% lower in sugar content and lighter in feel. It is also named "Airy" in hopes that drinkers will feel light and airy.

The packaging has a simple, open design with the newly adopted Airy logo in the center and a bright light blue hue to express the lightness of the drink.