Deca Vita C GIGANT" at convenience stores only.

Suntory Foods International will release "DecaVita C GIGANT" exclusively at convenience stores. The product will go on sale on June 28 in 600 ml PET bottles at an estimated price of 130 yen (excluding tax).


Based on the popular "DecaVita C Double Super Charge" flavor, GIGANT has a more refreshing taste with an adjusted balance of sweetness and acidity, aiming for a more energizing flavor. Since it also contains sodium, it is recommended as a countermeasure against heat stroke (the amount of sodium recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for heat stroke prevention is 40-80 mg/10 mml).

The package name "GIGANT," meaning "huge," expresses the largest volume in DecaVita's history. The newly adopted "TGIGANT GIGANT" logo and the 600 ml mark, which clearly conveys the large volume, are complemented by a carbonated sizzle that represents the contents of Deca Vita C. The design is designed to provide plenty of refreshing enjoyment.