Chiikawa Design Label "C.C. Lemon

Chiikawa Design Label "C.C. Lemon", "DecaVita C", and "N

atchan" Suntory Foods International will release original package designs of C.C. Lemon, DecaVita C, and Natchan in collaboration with "Chiikawa" on February 21 (Tuesday) in limited quantities.

The three brands will collaborate for the first time with "Chiikawa," a popular drink that enjoys wide popularity among people of all ages.

The design for this limited collaboration features illustrator Nagano's well-known characters, Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi. The design will bring springtime cheer to hinamatsuri (Girls' Day) and hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) festivals.

Chiikawa Design Label "Nacchan

To coincide with this development, the brand logo on the packaging has been changed to "Chi Chi Lemon" for C.C. Lemon and "Deca Vita C" to "Deca Vita Chi". This is a special collaboration in which the long-selling brands have changed their brand logos to match the Chi Chi worldview.

Chiikawa Design Label "C.C. Lemon" and "Dekavita C

C.C. Lemon Cheeka Design Label 500ml (16.91us fl oz) PET bottle/160 yen (all prices below are exclusive of tax)
DecaVita C Cheeka Design 210ml (7.1us fl oz) bottle 6-pack/690 yen
Nacchan Orange Cheeka Design Label 425ml (14.37us fl oz) PET bottle/160 yen
Nacchan Apple Cheeka Design Label 425 425ml (14.37us fl oz) PET bottle/160 yen
Nacchan Fruit Ore Cheeka Design label 425ml (14.37us fl oz) PET bottle/160 yen