Summer-only "Pepsi Zero Yakisoba Exclusive" (Pepsi [Nama] Zero)

Pepsi [Nama] Zero Yakisoba


, available only during the summer season, will be sold by Suntory Foods International Ltd. It will go on sale on June 13. It will go on sale on June 13 in 600 ml PET bottles for 160 yen (excluding tax).

Pepsi [Nama] Zero Yakisoba

Exclusive In considering new flavors, we first focused on recent lifestyle changes. With the resumption of events in various regions, it is expected that there will be more opportunities to go out to barbecues, festivals, fireworks displays, and other events this summer. We thought that this would increase the opportunities to eat yakisoba, a staple of the food stall menu, and decided to launch a "Yakisoba Coke".

The development team compared a variety of possible flavors with various types of yakisoba and came up with the mint flavor.

By adding this mint flavor to the "raw cola spice" that Pepsi [Nama] Zero has traditionally used, the aftertaste was further enhanced, and the contents were designed to work well with any yakisoba. In particular, the stronger the flavor of yakisoba, as in the case of sauce flavor, the mint flavor provides a crisp aftertaste and goes best with it. This cola is also designed with zero calories so that you can eat yakisoba without worrying about calories.