Marugame Seimen "Free Noodle Increase"

Marugame Seimen will offer "Free Noodle Increase" for 17 days from January 14th to January 30th.

Marugame Seimen "Free Noodle Increase"

Only for eating and drinking in the store, when ordering your favorite udon, you can order an increase in udon noodles from "normal" to "large" for free. All udon noodles for food and drink in the store are eligible (limited to products with "large" size). Target stores are Marugame Seimen and Menya Dori (excluding Komazawa University store) nationwide.

Marugame Seimen "Kake Udon"

* Products handled vary depending on the store.
* Some products are not eligible.
* The amount of noodles increased from "Large" to "Profit" is not applicable.

Marugame Seimen has a lineup of various types of freshly boiled udon noodles, from standard products to winter-only products that will warm your heart. It is recommended not only to simply enjoy your favorite udon noodles, but also to enjoy free condiments and toppings such as hot spring eggs and grated radish.

Oyster Tama Ankake Udon

The recommended winter product is the winter-only "Oyster Tama Ankake Udon". A cup of homemade egg ankake that uses 6 luxuriously fresh Hama boiled oysters from Hiroshima prefecture and is often entwined with the noodles. The rich flavor of oysters and the fluffy and fluffy texture of the egg ankake spread throughout your mouth.

Marugame Seimen "Oyster Tama Ankake Udon"

The noodles are not tightened with water, but are boiled from a kettle. You can feel the flavor and sweetness of wheat and enjoy the chewy texture to the end. * It will end as soon as it runs out. Not sold at some stores.