Subway "Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX" "Pizza Shrimp Genovese"

From Subway, "Pizza Ebi Italiana DX" and "Pizza Ebi Genovese" will be released on January 19th (excluding some stores such as stores in leisure facilities). "Ehomaki Sub" will be on sale from January 29th to February 3rd at Subway limited stores.

Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX

A new winter menu of "Pizza Sub", which is made with crispy shrimp and has a pleasant chewy texture. The quattro cheese is sprinkled on 42 grams, which is the largest amount in the history of Subway, and baked quickly in a special oven.

A gorgeous dish of shrimp, semi-dried sausage, and bacon topped with vegetables. Olive added to the accent is effective. Calories 440kcal, sugar 35.3g (0.11oz). The price is 540 yen (tax included, same below).

Subway "Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX"

Pizza shrimp genovese

A menu finished with simple ingredients so that you can fully feel the flavor of basil. The basil sauce is fragrant and you can enjoy the texture of shrimp. Calories 412kcal, sugar 34.8g (0.28oz). The price is 490 yen.

Subway "Pizza Shrimp Genovese"

* All pizza subs are recommended. It cannot be customized.

Ehomaki Sub

For a limited time, you can enjoy a foot long size of about 30 cm at a great price. There are three types of menus to choose from, "BLT," "salad chicken," and "egg," which are popular among the grand menus. Double the normal size is offered at a special price of 730 yen.

Subway "Ehomaki Sub"