Subway "Pizza Adult Demi Glace Chicken"

"Pizza Adult Demi-glace Chicken" will be released on January 20th at each Subway store (excluding some stores). Limited time until March 30th, will end as soon as it runs out.

Since its introduction in the summer of 2020, the "Pizza Sub" series has continued to be popular. This product features a food experience such as "the largest amount of mozzarella in the history of Subway," "you can eat pizza for less than one coin," and "you can easily eat it with one hand." This time, the winter-only "adult taste" has joined the ranks.

The point of "Pizza Adult Demi-glace Chicken" is Subway's original "Adult Demi-glace Sauce". Tomato paste, slowly roasted beef and flavored vegetables are added to the carefully roasted roux and simmered to condense the richness and umami. Grain mustard added to the accent, adding aroma and moderate acidity.

Subway "Pizza Adult Demi Glace Chicken"

It features a refreshing scent that comes out of the nose in a rich umami. The sauce gently enhances the texture of juicy chicken and two kinds of vegetables. Excellent compatibility with cheese baked with plenty of finish. You can enjoy the last bite without getting tired.

The price is 470 yen (excluding tax). Calories 426kcal, sugar 40.8g (0.28oz).

Also, from January 29th to February 3rd, the subway limited store will offer twice the normal size of "BLT", "egg" and "roast chicken" at a special price of 650 yen (excluding tax). You can enjoy Setsubun's classic "Ehomaki" with a sandwich of crispy vegetables at a great price.

Subway "Ehomaki Sub"