Kentucky "Strawberry Chocolate Pie"

"Strawberry chocolate pie" will be sold in limited quantities at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Strawberry chocolate pie

"Strawberry chocolate pie" is a sweet and sour, flavorful strawberry chocolate cream wrapped in crispy pie crust. It is carefully baked in the store's oven and served. The cream and pie dough are finished in pink with the image of strawberries, and the cross section of the pie is bright pink. You can enjoy it in various scenes such as cafe time and dessert after meals.

Limited quantity sale from January 5th. The price is 230 yen (tax included, same below). If you purchase it with a set, box, or pack, you can purchase as many as you like for 200 yen each.

In addition, "Original chicken 4 piece pack" (original chicken 4 pieces, 2 selectable side menus) 1,290 yen, "Original chicken 6 piece pack" (original chicken 6 pieces, 3 selectable side menus) 1,790 yen, "Original chicken 8" "Peace pack" (8 pieces of original chicken, 4 side menus to choose from) 2,390 yen can be selected as a side menu to choose from.