Lotte "Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu]".

Lotte "Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu]"

Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu] will go on sale on February 28 (Tuesday) as the first product in the new "Happiness Motif Choco Pie" series from Lotte's Choco Pie brand.

Happiness Motif

Choco P

ie The Happiness Motif Choco Pie series is the first in a series of Choco Pie 40th anniversary projects, and was created with the hope of bringing "round happiness" to people. The motifs are based on colors and cakes that make people feel cheerful. The package has a 17% chance of a blue bird appearing to bring happiness, and the hearts scattered around the design create a happy atmosphere.

Choco Pie


Tiramisu] "Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu]" expresses Tiramisu, which means "Cheer me up," with the unique taste of Choco Pie. The sweet and sour strawberries and the gentle cheesiness of mascarpone give it a taste reminiscent of strawberry tiramisu. The chocolate coated chocolate cake is sandwiched between strawberries and Mascarpone cheese cream.

Lotte "Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu]".

The package is a pink color that brings out the color of spring. On the back of each individual package is a "Choco Pie Fortune Telling" message, which makes you feel excited every time you eat it.

Lotte "Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu]".

Product name: Choco Pie [Strawberry Tiramisu]
Launch date: February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
Launch area: Nationwide
Volume: 6 pieces
Estimated price: around 356 yen (including tax)