Nakau's 2022 "lucky bag"

Nakau will release "Fukubukuro" at 10:00 on January 1, 2022. Available in limited quantities at stores (finished as soon as it runs out).

Nakau "lucky bag"

Nakau will continue to sell lucky bags in 2022 to convey their gratitude. This year, it is a great deal that includes a "rice resin biomass soft spoon 3 bottle set" that is environmentally friendly and sticks to the material, and a "1,500 yen coupon" that can be used for all main products. The price is 1,500 yen (tax included).

Rice Resin Biomass Soft Spoon is an environmentally friendly spoon made of biomass plastic "Rice Resin". Rice resin is a biomass plastic from Japan made from non-edible rice. It is an eco-friendly material that upcycles rice that is not suitable for food or feed, such as crushed rice generated in old rice and rice cracker making, into plastic.

Nakau "Fukubukuro" Rice Resin Biomass ・ Set of 3 Soft Spoons

* Limited to 1 per person.
* Take-out WEB reservations, telephone reservations, and reservations made through the app will not be accepted. Only orders can be placed at the store (drive-through is not possible).
* Check the stores on the Nakau official website.