Ginza Sembikiya "Fun Bag"
(All images are from the Ginza Sembikiya official website)

It was announced on the official website that a limited number of "fun bags" will be available at Ginza Sembikiya. It will be available at the Shinjuku store (Keio Department Store, Goodwill Street) from January 2, 2022. The selling price is 2,001 (tax included).

Ginza Sembikiya Fun Bag

Ginza Sembikiya "Fun Bag"

Assorted sweets with fruits. There are three types: "Ginza Jelly (9 pieces)", "Ginza Millefeuille (6 pieces)" and "Ginza Raison Sandwich (6 pieces)".

Ginza jelly (9 pieces)

"Ginza Jelly (9 pieces)" is a jelly with a smooth and elegant sweetness that uses the pulp of fruits selected by Ginza Senbiya. Contains 2 flavors of mango, kiwi and blueberry, 1 each of cherry, grapefruit and La France flavors. The contents are 75g (2.65oz) each.

Ginza Millefeuille (6 pieces)

"Ginza Millefeuille (6 pieces)" is a thin and fragrant pie crust with butter, and the meringue with a refreshing texture is sandwiched between flavorful creams. Contains 2 praline, melon and strawberry flavors each.

Ginza Raison Sandwich (6 pieces)

"Ginza Raisin Sandwich (6 pieces)" is made by sandwiching raisins in Western liquor with special cream.
Ginza Senbikiya Shinjuku Store (Keio Department Store, Goodwill Street)
Address:1-1-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo