Hotel New Otani "New Edo Stollen"

Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) Patisserie SATSUKI will sell "New Edo Stollen", which incorporates Japanese ingredients into "Stollen", which is known as a Christmas confectionery originating in Germany, for a limited time. The sale period is 5 days from December 20th to 25th. The price is 2,700 yen (tax included) per piece.

New Edo Stollen

"Shin Edo Stollen" is a traditional German Christmas confectionery "Stollen" that wraps dried fruits pickled in Western liquor and coats with butter and sugar, arranged using healthy Japanese ingredients.

A light dough made from soy milk butter, wrapping the smooth "Koshian", "Kuromitsu Anko" with "Hingya salt", and "Walnut" to accent the texture, and using black honey instead of Western liquor. It is soaked in plenty and coated with Wasanbon sugar, which has an elegant sweetness.

Unlike ordinary Stollen, which has a heavy taste, it is a dish that you can enjoy as if it were Japanese sweets. It is also recommended for people who are usually Japanese sweets.

Hotel New Otani "New Edo Stollen"
Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) "Patisserie SATSUKI"
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