KALDI "Glühwein set (white) 1 set
(Image taken from the official website)

KALDI "Glühwein Set (White) 1 Set" in limited quantities

KALDI Coffee Farm will sell "Glühwein Set (White) 1 Set" in limited quantities. The price is 877 yen (tax included).


Set (White) 1 Set "Gruewein Set (White) 1 Set" is a miniature wine and mug set inspired by a German Christmas market. Gruewein" is a hot wine flavored with apple and cinnamon that can be enjoyed simply by heating it up. The boot-shaped wine cups in the set are an original design based on the actual ceramic molds used in Germany, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of an authentic Christmas market by filling them with glühwein heated to about 50 degrees Celsius.

KALDI "Glühwein set (white) 1 set

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