On May 25th, a talk event was held by Yukiko Tomiyama, the author of "Pancake Note", and Yuko Umemoto, the author of "Manga Shokudo".

Mr. Tomiyama, who loves pancakes so much that he is called a "pancake teacher," and Mr. Umemoto, who reproduces the meal "manga rice" that appears in manga with a commitment that can be said to be obsessive. A dream talk event in which these two people collaborated, the theme is "Pancakes that appear in manga" . A maniac talk about manga and pancakes took place over 120 minutes. I will report on that in two parts. ([Part 2] will be posted on June 14th)

◆ First of all, experience the real "manga cafeteria"!

The event was held at the event space "FARO" in Aoyama. A fashionable shop that just opened in May, it has a roof deck in the semi-basement, and it is a cafe where you can enjoy meals and events at the same time.

This event comes with "pancakes that appear in manga". Mr. Umemoto recreated the two types of pancakes that appeared in "Oishinbo" (written by Tetsu Kariya / illustrated by Akira Hanasaki / published by Shogakukan) by delusion (!) And served to everyone who participated. I think there were many people who came to look forward to this.
Have pancakes in a fashionable cafe space
Have pancakes in a fashionable cafe space

After experiencing the real "Manga Shokudo", the talk event has finally begun.

◆ Until the "pancakes that appear in manga" are made

The talk event starts with a recipe explanation of pancakes reproduced by Mr. Umemoto. He talked about the process of completing the original recipe by repeating the trial process over and over again.

The first type is the "potato pancake" that appears in Volume 2 of "Oishinbo". The pancakes, which were reproduced by relying only on the scene of grated potatoes and the scene of mixing and baking the dough, were highly praised by the participants, saying that they had a taste that they had never eaten before. From the frame under construction, it is only known that it contains butter and milk and that the dough is loose, and it seems that it was completed while referring to overseas pancake recipes.

It seems that the material was guessed from this one scene
It seems that the material was guessed from this one scene

The second type is "Ricotta cheese and apple pancakes" that appears in Volume 99. It seems to have been fluffy finished using grated apples and a separate meringue. The taste of enjoying both ricotta cheese and apples at the same time was well received by everyone.

Ricotta cheese and apple pancakes (left), potato pancakes (right)
Ricotta cheese and apple pancakes (left), potato pancakes (right)

After the recipe explanation is over, we will finally start talking about "manga and pancakes". First of all, from the history of pancakes and pancakes that appear in manga.

◆ Hot cakes were once called "Dorayaki"

Moderator When I was researching various things when holding this event, I was told "What is the oldest pancake in the manga?" And "Isn't it Sazae-san?" right.

The serialization of "Sazae-san" (Machiko Hasegawa) started in 1946. In the episode published around 1947, there is a scene where Sazae-san is baking "Dorayaki". However, this "Dorayaki" is not as good as the bean paste that we currently imagine. According to Tomiyama, there was already something like a hot cake called "Dorayaki" in the Taisho era.

Mr. Tomiyama The era when this scene was drawn was a transitional period when the name changed from "Dorayaki" to "hot cake". It's called "Dorayaki" here, but after that it changes to "hot cake".

In later works, there was a scene in which Katsuo said, "I wanted to eat a pancake about a cushion," and I can see that the name "hot cake" has taken root. By the way, Mr. Maso's special skill is "baking hot cakes while flipping".

Regarding "hot cakes" and "pancakes," household flour was sold as a "hot cake mix" from the beginning, while Imperial Hotel and other hotels offered it under the name "pancakes" that came in from overseas. That thing. From that point on, Mr. Tomiyama thinks that the name "hot cake" at home and "pancake" at eating out may have taken root.

On the other hand, in "Doraemon" (Fujiko F. Fujio), pay attention to Shizuka-chan's remarks. In the big feature "Nobita no Daimakai" (published in the September 1981-February 1982 issue of "Monthly CoroCoro Comic" / published by Shogakukan), Shizuka-chan said "hot cake", but just one year later, " In "Nobita's Undersea Demon Rock Castle" (published in the August 1982-February 1983 issue), he said "pancake".

Mr. Umemoto There is a scene in "Daimakai" where you eat your favorite food using "plant remodeling extract", but here it is called "hot cake".

Tomiyama-san And the "pancake" that Shizuka-chan ate at "Undersea Demon Rock Castle" was made from plankton!

Mr. Umemoto reminded me of "Otter pancakes" (laughs).

“Otter pancakes”…!? This mysterious food will be revealed at the end of the event. And the topic is the pancakes that appear in the manga they brought.

◆ Is pancake a “symbol of happiness”?

First of all, Mr. Tomiyama introduced a scene from "Ane no Kekkon" (published by Keiko Nishi / Shogakukan) that a beautiful hero who can't get along is inclined when a man invites him to "go eat pancakes". However, there is no scene in which "pancakes" themselves appear in the 5th volume currently published, and I am happy to be surrounded by cats in front of the huge pancakes piled up in layers in the close shadow of the author of the 5th volume. It seems that he discovered that Mr. Nishi was drawn.

Mr. Tomiyama I'm sure that pancakes are a symbol of happiness for Professor Nishi, and I think they are my favorite food, so I don't think I'll go out with a man who doesn't go well. I think there will be a scene where you can eat "happy pancakes" when your favorite appears.

Moderator (Professor Nishi) What kind of pancake do you think it would be?

Isn't it Tomiyama-san's home-baked? I'm wondering if I'm going to eat a fairly plain, ordinary one. Like baking with a lover ...

It seems to be the moderator (laughs).

Mr. Umemoto , like two people on Sunday morning.

Mr. Tomiyama Specifically, I'm stepping on that it might be similar to the royal host pancakes.

Mr. Umemoto : Isn't it nice and thin and overlapping?

Tomiyama-san That's right. If the main character starts eating pancakes with a man in the work, that man needs to be careful. You could be the man of destiny!

Will there be a scene of eating "happy pancakes" ...
Will there be a scene of eating "happy pancakes" ...

◆ Reproduction of “manga-like pancakes” is an eternal proposition

Next, "flat" (published by Natsu Aogiri / Mag Garden) introduced by Mr. Umemoto will also appear in the book "Manga Shokudo". Heisuke, a self-paced high school student who enjoys making sweets, baked a soft and thick "hot cake like a package" for his young cousin Akun.

Mr. Umemoto I think the picture of the pancake box is the first package scam (laughs). You can't do it without such doping!

The venue was very lively, including the episode when the challenge was taken at the "Manga Shokudo" about how to bake this "package-like pancake". It seems that there are three points: adding mayonnaise, not mixing too much, and high RBI.

Mr. Umemoto : Making delicious pancakes means making pancakes that look like cartoons. It's already an "eternal proposition", isn't it?

Even so, how delicious the hot cake that Mr. Umemoto reproduced ...!

"Hot cake like a package" by Mr. Umemoto (Source: "Manga Shokudo" Yuko Umemoto / Little More)
"Hot cake like a package" by Mr. Umemoto (Source: "Manga Shokudo" Yuko Umemoto / Little More)

◆ Even if you say "I'm curious about the hot cakes that appear in manga" ...

A time called "Hotcake" recorded in Volume 10 of "Yotsubato!" (Published by Kiyohiko Azuma / ASCII Media Works), which Tomiyama says "I'm most worried about now". The story is that the main character, Yotsuba, tries to make pancakes with the help of others.

Tomiyama-san It's not the story that I'm paying attention to. I wanted to find out what kind of pancake mix I was using!

Mr. Tomiyama pays attention to the box of hot cake mix drawn in the work. From the design, he identified "Morinaga Hot Cake Mix", "Hotel New Otani Hot Cake Mix Vanilla Type", and Le Patissier Takagi's "Cake-like Hot Cake Mix".

Tomiyama-san, Morinaga's is sure. Well, the black box at the bottom of this. Looking at the black circle drawn here, I came with a pin. (Take out the box) Le Patissier Takagi's "cake-like hot cake mix", I think it's this. It's amazing.

This is it!
This is it!

Mr. Umemoto Certainly, there are many things you can buy at supermarkets.

Tomiyama-san Yes. I understand so far, but there are four boxes in all. I don't know only the one in the middle. Even though the other three have original material, it's hard to think that it's such a fictitious product.

I don't know only the middle box, which is stacked flat ...! (Source: "Yotsubato!" Volume 10 (c) Yotsuba Studio / (c) ASCII Media Works)
I don't know only the middle box, which is stacked flat ...! (Source: "Yotsubato!" Volume 10 (c) Yotsuba Studio / (c) ASCII Media Works)

If you understand this "fourth hot cake mix" full of mysteries, please let us know! ... apparently ...

[Part 2] will be posted on June 14th.

Note: The "Yotsubato!" Frame in the text is posted with permission from Yotsuba Studio and ASCII Media Works.