Bourbon "Powder Snow Chocolat Mild Cacao"

From Bourbon, the fresh chocolate "Powder Snow Chocolat Mild Cacao" unique to the winter season will be renewed and released. The sale period is limited to the period from December 21st to February 2022. The content is 45g (1.59oz) (4 pieces x 2 pieces pack), and the price is 238 yen (tax included). Available at convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, shops, etc.

Powdered snow chocolate mild cacao

"Powdered snow chocolate mild cacao" is a luxurious raw chocolate that you can enjoy a rich cacao feeling and a rich cream feeling. You can enjoy the smooth texture unique to raw chocolate. The surface is sprinkled with deep Dutch cocoa powder that goes well with chocolate, giving it a light and ephemeral image of powder snow, which is unique to winter in Japan. It also comes with an environmentally friendly paper pick. In addition, "Powdered Snow Chocolat Concentrated Milk" and "Powdered Snow Chocolat Concentrated Strawberry" are available.

"Powdered snow chocolate mild cacao" that is perfect for this season. How about taking a break?