Bourbon "Mochi Truffle Italian Pudding Flavor"

Bourbon Mochi Truffle Italian Pudding Flavor

Bourbon will introduce a new sweet treat, Mochi Truffle Italian Pudding Flavor. It will be available at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and concession stands from March 14, 2023. Open price.

Like the existing "Mochi Truffle Ganache," this sweet is made from mochi (rice cake)


The "Italian pudding" that is the subject of this product is a popular dessert characterized by its creamy, cheesy, and chewy texture. This time, to bring out that flavor, a mild ganache of white chocolate kneaded with cream cheese powder and fresh cream is wrapped in caramel-flavored mochi to create a soft texture.

The sweetness is enhanced by the bitterness of the cocoa powder sprinkled on the surface, which is combined with the cheese flavor. Each package contains 8 pieces (4 pieces x 2 bags). Shelf life is 6 months.