Bourbon "Alfort Chocolate Banana


"Banana Fair" Bourbon "Banana Fair" will be held. Three products, "Alfort Choco Banana", "Chocolat Blanchette Choco Banana" and "Elise Banana Latte" will be available for a limited time starting May 23.


Choco Banana
Bourbon "Alfort Chocolate Banana

Alfort Choco Banana" is a combination of crispy black cocoa cookies and banana chocolate. The 136g (4.8oz) package (including individual wrappers) is available at an open price.

Chocolat Blanchette Chocolate Banana

Bourbon "Chocolat Blanchette Chocolate Banana

Chocolat Blanchette Choco Banana" is a bite-sized cocoa langdosha cookie sandwiched between banana chocolate. The combination of the soft-moisture langdosha cookie and the banana-flavored chocolate can be enjoyed. 9 pieces, open price.

Elise Banana


Bourbon "Elise Banana Latte

Elise Banana Latte" is a light and crispy wafer wrapped in a sweet banana latte cream. It comes in a pack of 36 (2 x 18 bags) and is open to the public.