Bourbon "Powdered Snow Chocolat Dark Matcha"

Bourbon will release "Powdered Snow Chocolat Dark Matcha", a raw chocolate with an elegant flavor of Uji Matcha, on January 12th. Limited time until February. The estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Powdered Snow Chocolat Dark Matcha" is a raw chocolate that you can enjoy the deep taste of Uji Matcha and the rich and luxurious creaminess. You can enjoy the smooth and melty taste of raw chocolate and the flavorful Uji matcha. Comes with an environmentally friendly paper pick.

Bourbon "Powdered Snow Chocolat Dark Matcha"

The package is designed with a lovely expression character "White Bear". It is finished in a gentle atmosphere with the fluffy image of powdered snow and the desire to spend a warm winter.

Series products

"Powdered snow chocolate thick milk" is a rich flavored raw chocolate kneaded with fresh cream and vanilla seeds. The dairy ingredients have been reviewed and finished so that you can enjoy a richer milky taste. The estimated price is 220 yen.

Bourbon "Powdered Snow Chocolat Concentrated Milk"

"Powdered snow chocolate mild cacao" is a raw chocolate characterized by the richness of cacao and the rich creaminess. You can enjoy a smooth and melty mouthfeel. The estimated price is 220 yen.

Bourbon "Powdered Snow Chocolat Mild Cacao"

"Adult powdered snow chocolate whiskey" is a pavé chocolate made by luxuriously kneading fragrant scotch whiskey and fresh cream. You can enjoy the mellow aroma and deep taste of Scotch whiskey. The estimated price is 250 yen.

Bourbon "Adult Powder Snow Chocolat Scotch Whiskey"